Poetry & Voice: Anna Kramer

Visual Arts: Linda Zwart

Music & Sound Design: Florian Richter

Theatrical Design: Jan Taks

Poetry on music / words on sound design / loops on text / visuals on words / animations on sound /
contemporary literature with electronic instruments & visual perception


A performance about communication: the sound of words; the sound of pictures; the words of sounds; the pictures of sound; the sound of sound; the words of…

32 Questions

What if I ask you thirty-two questions?

What if I stop asking now and then?

Will that make things more clear?

Is communication something made clear?

What is communication?

Music, what does music communicate?

Is what’s clear to me clear to you?

Is music just sound?


Do I have two more questions?

And, now, do I have none?

Anna Kramer: www.annakramer.nl | Linda Zwart: www.lindazwart.nl | Florian Richter: www.florianrichter.nl