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Anna B.Kramer                                                                                  VOICE

Anna B. Kramer was born in Zurich and first studied Theater with Roy Bosier Stephan Teuwissen and Paul Lohr of the Theater Academy in Zurich. After that she did the sound oriented vocal training at the Lichtenberg Institute in Germany. Since then there is regular training in Lichtenberg, and also visits workshops by Andrew Morish and Fons van Tienen.
She has worked as an actress and singer in various theater productions, including at the Stadsschouwburg in Zurich under the direction of A. Benning, David Mouchtar Samurai and Thomas Koerfer. She was shown at the Theater Kt. Zurich and at the Expo 2002 in Biel. At the Stadsschouwburg in Munich, she and Roy Bosier staged a Tango for Don Juan and Faust under the direction of A. Weber.
She has also worked with Stephan Teuwissen, Nicole Schwyzer Tom Tafel
In the Netherlands she has done projects with David Weber Krebs, Liesbeth Groot Nibbelink, Thomas Johannsen and Carola Baertschiger, Jetse Batelaan and Irene Schaltegger.



Florian Richter                                                                                 Guitar, Percussion, Electronics

Musician, composer and sound designer works with various ensembles for music, dance and theater.


Linda Zwart                                                                                       Image Maker

Linda Zwart is an image maker. With her images she wants to touch and connect people, by responding to the feeling and emotion. She does this with film as well as illustration and photography. In this way she portrays social themes, important initiatives that bring people closer together or stories that matter in the world, near or far. In addition, she wants to continue to amaze with her images. In her photos she tries to capture poetry in images. Details that elude us in the bustle of everyday life and that show the beauty of the world.

Projects for which Linda has filmed:
Language for Loneliness an art education project - Madelinde Hageman.
Unframed an art education project - Olav van den Brekel
Documentary Hope or Despair - We're Going to Get Them
Mind the Gap - An installation during the week against loneliness - Rikko Voorberg
Short TV clip for the Epilepsy Fund
Promo video for 'the walk of shame'